Art sits in little things, little practices, little moments.
Art is a lens to see life.
I make art, I create.
I make art. For myself, for my parents.
For my friends, and also for my nemeses.
For my lovers, and for my soulmate.
For the living, and for the dead.
For the mind, and for the body.
For the saints, and for the sinners.
I make art, for everything and anything.
I make art, without judgment.
It is not my duty to judge.
It is my duty to listen, to see, to experience.
To take all those feelings and reassemble them into something new,
something unique, for and from my perspective.
Every instant, is an instant of art.
Any moment, is imbued with art.
Time is infinite, Art is infinite.
Art is everywhere.
Art is personal.
Art is unique.
Art is simple.
Art is timeless.
Art is accessible.
Art is free.
Art is alive.
Art is.