Leggenda test mint #27

When Dandelion connected me with Mikey to discuss a potential collaboration with Gallery, I was thrilled.

Personally, I love Gallery's approach and philosophy: a no-frills way to display your NFTs, no matter what your collection style is. Gallery doesn't get in the way and lets your collection speak for itself.

When Mikey also revealed it was in partnership with FlamingoDAO, I was beyond excited! Flamingo is the first DAO I've ever heard of. Probably even before fully understanding what an NFT was. I clearly remember thinking: that's such a cool name! And when I learned about their epic art collection I dreamt about being part of it one day!

Needless to say, I wanted this to be memorable. Or, excuse the pun, legendary!

Growing up in Italy, I've been surrounded by art all my life. Often, this art is millennia old and tells magical tales of long-gone heroes. Which always makes me wonder: how many of those stories and art got lost forever?

Leggenda, which means "legend" in Italian, is a reflection about the legacy of our NFT renaissance. In the crypto universe, where a month often feels like 10 years, what will remain at the end of our times? Who will stand to tell our story?

Inspired by a future-past vibe, Leggenda imagines a scenario where humanity goes extinct. A reality where another civilization finds our NFT galleries in the ruins of our ancient, long-lost technology.

Unironically, this idea came in response to answer a question that popped into my mind while walking on a desert beach in the Dominican Republic.

"What will remain of me if I die at this moment?"

To which I smiled. Thinking about the NFTs I created and hoping they'll be around long after I do.

This 888 unique iterations, long-form algorithm, loosely portrays a gallery displaying those NFTs. It features many color palettes from my previous works, including a unique new one in homage to Flamingo.

Leggenda test mint #12, Flamingo palette

I don't want to spoil too much else for now. For sure, what I can say is that this is one of the most complex algorithms I've ever created. Each "artwork" is in itself a tiny generative piece with its own self-contained code.

As always, I poured a piece of myself into Leggenda. Hoping, with a huge smile, that it will stand for millenia.

With love,

 — Stefano

The sale of Leggenda series will start with a pre-sale at 12pm ET on Jan 11 to Gallery Premium Membership Card holders (Founding Members, Gold, VIP, Marfa, Silver) and friends of Flamingo.

The public mint will begin at 12pm ET on Jan 13. One week after the drop, Gallery will be whitelisting every collector of Leggenda to mint a General Membership Card which gives access to Gallery.

The collection size is 888, with a mint price of 0.33 ETH, sold on a first-come first-serve basis. Limit 1 per wallet.

For more information follow @useGALLERY, @stefano_contiero, and @FLAMINGODAO and join Gallery's Discord for any questions.

The collection will be released on Flamingo’s Flutter here.