Introversione // Introversion
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I am a soft-spoken introvert, and it's ok.

In the age of self-promotion, self-branding, self-selling, and self-loathing, I feel out of place. But don't we all?

I am a kid of two cultures: Italian and Dominican. Feeling torn about duality is my bread and butter.

My name is Stefano, and I create art.

I create art for many reasons, but mainly to be myself.

Code is my clay, but I'm no algorithm expert: I throw some code together, and it returns me some interesting stuff.

They call it Generative Art.

This is also a fair representation of my approach to everything: use what's available in my life, and mix it to create my own reality.

Everything that ever happened so far, led me to this place in time.

I firmly believe that everything is temporary, and change is the only constant until we die.

Fate is sealed, but homo faber fortunae suae.

You can have a glimpse of my past here, or I'm more than happy to have a chat, just be mindful about the first line.

Artist Statement

I seek to understand who I am. I use art as a medium to express everything I'm too afraid to tell myself. Everything I would love to say, but I don't yet dare to tell. It is a dialog between my inner self, the laws of life, and entropy. I'm driven by my subconscious, which becomes one with the artwork in the process. There's something deeply visceral and personal about it: it feels like opening my guts and spill them on a canvas.

The medium or the technique is not really the focus, as long as they don't get in the way and give me the freedom to experiment without overthinking. I found my heart between the tactile feeling of paint and the tamed randomness of code, striving to find a balance between analog and digital. Humanizing machines and digitalizing reality.

Artist Bio

Stefano Contiero is a self-taught artist born in Bassano del Grappa (IT). His Italian, logical father and his Dominican, floral mother are his principal influences since childhood. As a result of growing up between two cultures, he understands privilege at a young age and develops a fragmented sense of belonging that characterizes him even today.

With an early interest in technology and design, after building a career in tech, his passions meet in Generative Art, the perfect union between code and visual arts. After fully tapping into his creativity, Stefano identifies himself as an artist. In addition to digital artworks, he nowadays also creates paintings and artworks with mixed media.